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No "New Topic" button on mobile devices

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  • No "New Topic" button on mobile devices

    Hi, when a user logins to our forum from a mobile device (Android or IOS) the New Topic button does not appear. Any idea why this happens and how can we solve?

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    Is there any idea?


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      Are they actually logged in or just visiting as a Guest? You may need to check the usergroup permissions for that menu item in Site Builder > Navigation Bar.

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        Hi Lynne, they are logged in, I do not even see it also when I logged in as Admin...


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          Hi this issue is pretty important for us because none of our users can post topic from their mobile devices and able to use mobile platforms was our main reason to upgrading to VBulletin 5. At the moment we can not use it properly.


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            I have the same problem, I have one forum channel where I allow guests to post on, the new topic button is not available on mobile browsers.
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