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Can I define a stylevar in css_additional.css?

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  • Can I define a stylevar in css_additional.css?

    Is there any way to define a style variable in the css_additional.css template?

    For example, I'd like to make an entry for, say, the color property of button_disabled_border. Can that be done or would I have to go back and list the original css classes in order to do that?


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    Erm, what exactly do you want to do?


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      I want to have all the other variables that use the same color point at one stylevar, so I only have to edit like 8 style vars for each style instead of all of them.

      So for example, all the border style variables would be listed in css_additional with background as the color of button_disabled_border. Then I would only have to edit the button_disabled_border style variable to change all of the borders to the same color.


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        You can add the CSS rules that you want to override to additional.css, and you can use a stylevar as its defined in additional.css, but you cannot define a stylevar in additional.css


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          That answers my question - thanks Zachery


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            You can make one stylevar inherit from another in the AdminCP. To do this, you need to put the AdminCP into Debug mode by uncommenting the debug line in core/includes/config.php. Once you do that, additional fields will appear when editing stylevars. One of them allows you to put in another stylevar to inherit from.

            Whatever you do though, do not edit the MASTER style. You will break your site.
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              Thank you Wayne - that's terrific

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