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    In working with my CMS files I have noticed that the sorting is off. And, I do not find any means to control it that works.

    In my Admin PC I have marked the Display Order as 1 for the first listing, and left the rest as 0

    However, this is what is displayed

    How can I control the order articles are displayed?
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    What is the last article in the list? I only ask because it should be the one article with a display order of 1.
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      It is the last in the list.

      But, I have also specifically numbered every article to display alpha, and here are my results:

      Headers appear to have been dropped from the table and I cannot add a new row. Should state Column 1 = Article Name, Column 2 = Admin set Display Order, Column 3 = Actual Display Order
      Algae Causes & Cures 1 12
      Blue Green Algae 2 1
      Brush Algae 3 11
      Cladophora Algae 4 10
      Cloudy Water 5 9
      Euglena 6 4
      Diatoms 7 8
      Fuzzy Algae 8 7
      Green Dust Algae 9 6
      Green Spot Algae 10 5
      Grey Slime 11 3
      Staghorn Algae 12 2
      It doesn't appear to matter how I sort these articles. They display in a very different order.


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        you can vote for table editing here:

        hopefully wont be too much longer...

        not sure about the articles tho, best lucks


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          Thanks Iggy


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