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New Topic button visible when a user has no rights to create topics

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  • New Topic button visible when a user has no rights to create topics

    One of my users reported an error when creating a new topic. When I took a look at what he was doing, I noticed he tried to create a post in the 'Announcements' section of my forum. The user has no right to create a topic there, so the error was valid. However it was very strange to see that the 'New Topic' button was available for users who have no right to create a topic. Is there any way to hide this button?

    Under Channel management > Channel permissions > Announcements > Usergroup
    I set the channel permissions to: Can Post Topics: No

    Is there any other setting I need to change?

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    The user is only in one usergroup?

    For the usergroup, scroll to the bottom and make sure all the content creation types are set to No for that channel as well.
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      The user is in two usergroups, I checked them both. I want users to be able to reply to announcements, just not create new ones. Should I put the Channel permission 'Can create text/post' to Yes or No? It is currently on Yes.


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        I tested this some more. If the 'Can create text/posts' is set to No, users do not see the 'New Topic' button. However, this also makes sure they cannot reply to an existing topic. If 'Can Post Topics' is set to No and 'Can create text/posts' is set to Yes, users can reply to topics and cannot create new topics. However, they will still see the 'New Topic' button, even tough they can't create a new topic.

        I think this is a bug. The visibility of the 'New Topic' button should be dependent on the setting 'Can Post Topics' and not just on 'Can create text/posts'.

        I created issue for this.
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