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  • Spanish Language Pack?

    I just acquired a vBulletin Connect license and to my surprise seems like there is no support for Spanish Language, which is the main language of my forums I want to migrate to vBulletin.

    I have been researching online for 3rd party translations or language packs with no success.

    I would like to know if there is any solid plan to publsh a spanish language pack any time soon, or else what would it be the preferred/recommended method for me to hand-translate my whole forum.

    Thanks in advance


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    I don't know if there are plans to release an official Spanish Language Pack for vB5. I think the only officially supported languages are (and will be) French and German.

    If you want to translate your forum for yourself, download the language.xml to your computer (AdminCP > Languages & Phrases > Language Manager > Download), edit it they way you need it, and import it as a new language.


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      I am so astonished to find that after paying a 250 usd license I get told there is no language support except for french and german. This is incredible.


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        Many competitors don't even offer these 2 additional languages and you have to rely on unofficial communities and their language packs, so it is not that uncommon, if there is no official language-specific support... And you could have found this out before you bought the license actually.

        Well, I can only suggest you to translate vB5 the way I told you above. By the way: I also did it earlier, so in order to motivate you a little: Yes, it is quite a lot of work, but no, it is not impossible.


        • elkali
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          Editing a comment
          You are right, I should have checked, but I'm not that sure about the statement that other competitors don't offer this support... Then again I guess open software ones are more likely to get 3rd party contributions.

          Oh, also another detail: finding what kind of support is there without paying a license is literally not possible, since the member area is only accessible ONCE you paid the license.


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        Also interested in the Spanish Pack, and considering it is a hard work to translate all the pack, it is any module / section that includes just final user interface? I don't mind to have administrator control panel in English, but since the users of my forum are going to be spanish, I would like to translate at least the final user interface.

        Thanks in advanced.

        Best regards,


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          As posted here, the language file of vB5 doesn't distinguish between Frontend and Backend, so it will be hard to only translate the Frontend.


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            In case someone interested on the spanish language pack was excited about finding out there is now one officially available (how would you notice, since there was no announcement?), hold your horses!!

            The pack is, first of all, broken. Line 6708 (actually 6709) in the file contains a wrong character for opening a CDATA tag, using the double-lower-than character instead of the lower-than. How VB does release such a file as "official" is really hard to understand, since such a typo (bug?) shows clearly that nobody even TRIED to import such file into a running installation, or even try a fresh install of the official package downloaded with the langpack. It would simply crash. Such level of untestedness leaves us (me, at least) again with the same bad taste about the whole quality of the product / service that, again, we paid for.

            If you have been smart enough to work around the bad char issue (not that hard, but nothing to be found on forums or google), you would only be disappointed to find (that is, if you are native speaker, or a decent spanish speaker) that the lang pack is not much more than a simple, bad, horrible, illegible google translate collection of strings.

            Managing the cpanel with google translated strings is horrendous and frustrating to death. Not to mention that the product doesn't allow you to keep a language selection for the cpanel and another one for the frontend. NOOOO, MY FRIEND!! The language selection is in fact an obscure, totally user-unfriendly decision you have to make by logging in to the FRONTEND, to edit your profile, to reload then the admincp so that your language preference shows up.

            The more I use VB the more I grow the feeling it was done with feet as brains.

            So incredibly disappointed. I want my money back


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