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    Hello Support,

    I have more than 1000 threads on one channel. The page is only until 20 pages. Not more than 20 pages. Can you help me to show how to resolve this erorr ?


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    Go to:
    Site Builder > Edit Page > Edit Module (the module that displays your forum content) > Topics Max Pages.

    There you can enter whatever you want. 20 is the default value.


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      I also learned to thank


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        thanks it works


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          thank you


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            weird !
            Why is the option not in the admincp ? to control maximum topics for all forums ,,
            Could you please add it there ?
            I can not edit the templates as that might mess-up the forums !
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              In vB5, you need to edit the widget to change this. It's not going to get added back into the admincp since it was deliberately moved to the front end.

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                I find it a no-brainer that this is causing confusion for everbody.
                An administrator get complaints/questions about pages being stuck at 20, and wonders: "20" that a nice round number, is this coincidence or a strange option in vBulletin? (Then the administrator cannot find any option in admincp and has to google for answers, and then hopefully finds this page that mentions the hidden option.)
                Why would there even be an option that by default that truncates the number of topics, like there don't exist more topics. The option should be "unlimited" by default, or even better, the complete option should be removed to avoid confusion. But unlimited isn't possible, so now I have to set every forum manually to 9999999999.

                Can anybody explain the motivation behind this limit?


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                  Unlimited can break sites on weaker servers.
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                    Hi, please can you give me a better understanding of where to make this change? I want to have unlimited pages per topic.

                    Thanks. Adam


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                      Ha, fixed it myself. Once I figured out how the 'Site Editor' feature worked it was not too hard. If you're struggling, here are the steps I took:
                      1. Go to a forum page,
                      2. Click on 'edit page' (within the site editor menu)
                      3. Click on the Select Template' tab
                      4. Select 'Default Channel Page Template'
                      5. Scroll down looking for "Move Edit" and click the "Edit"
                      6. Change the setting on "Topics Max Pages"

                      So easy (not!).


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