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VB5 advice - Upgrade existing forum (30K posts | 4K members)

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  • VB5 advice - Upgrade existing forum (30K posts | 4K members)

    I have a client with an existing VB4.2 site that has 30K posts | 4K members on a dedicated server and the client really likes VB5 look and feel, some of the usability areas... Without upgrading the site, is VB5 capable with similar speed? Would be looking to upgrade to VB5.1 once it becomes available.

    Advice (factual) of what I should share with my client?

    Please do not spam this thread with all the VB5 baggage/history.

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    You should install a test copy of vBulletin 5 in a different directory on the same server. Using a copy of the database you can uncover any pitfalls that may occur. With a small database you are unlikely to need extra measures for performance but it will depend on the server configuration.
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