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Online Users tally goes back to zero everyday

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  • Online Users tally goes back to zero everyday

    Hi, my "most users ever online" tally goes back to zero at midnight, everyday.

    how can I fix it so it stays put and not re-fresh everyday?

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    Our forum is experiencing the same issue. I finally just hid the online users module. Makes it looks like we have low use levels.


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      I do have low user levels, which is why I want to hang on to the most users online.
      had 19 people online at the same time once, that looked good, but only lasted a few hours,

      i'm just hoping someone is generous enough here to tell me how to fix it.


      • yv3013
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        Unless I can just set the most users online myself?

        can I just put 101 most users ever online and make that number stick permanently?

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      I am pretty sure this is a known issue and we're waiting on a fix. I can't find the JIRA right now as I am working remotely.
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        oh ok, i'll switch it off then and i'll try putting it up when the new update comes out.


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          I worked out how to keep the most users online tally.
          what you need to do is, just before midnight, you need to change the setting to show users for this page only.
          that locks it in,
          the after midnight you change it back to show users for all pages again, and it goes on.


          • yv3013
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            oh, sorry, that didn't work in the end.
            no looks like it's really buggered this online users thing.
            oh well.

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          Has this issue been fixed yet? It has been going on for a few months now.


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