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  • Allow replying but not creating topics

    Is there a way to allow users to only reply to topics in a channel but to not allow users to be able to create new topic in that same channel?

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    Yes. In Admin Cp -> Channel Management -> Channel Permissions

    Click the "Edit" link next to the usergroup whose permission you want to change.

    Change the permission for "Can Post Topics" to No, but make sure "Can Reply to Own Topics" and "Can Reply to Others' Topics" are YES.

    Save the changes.


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      I have tried this solution and still nothing. I have refreshed the cache several times on both my system and the browser. When logged in as a registered user, I still see the "+New Topic" in the channel I have disabled it from.


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        Wabes, you have to change the rights in two areas, the channel management | channel permissions AND groups usergroups.

        Then verify also the user information by editing user and check rights.

        Nice options in VB has but some times a pain in the arss.


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          Changing permissions in usergroups will prevent the user from posting topics anywhere.

          If you set the "Can Post Topics" to No in Channel Management, the New Topic button does show but if they try to post they do get a message saying they are not authorized to post.

          Looks like it may be a bug that it displays, but the permissions are honored.


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