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  • Soooooo Sloooooow!

    Why is vb5 so much slower than 4.2.1 or even the 3.x versions? I have some seriously disgruntled users and I don't know what to tell them. Even here... this site is considerably slower than it used to be.

    Am I alone in this? Certainly other people hosting this software for a number of years have noticed some degradation in server response time lately?

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    For example, I started writing this post AFTER I hit the "Submit" button after making a change to a Usergroup. It just finished working about 55 seconds later. Not good, people...


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      vB5 definetly needs more optimization, but I don't have these issues. Loading a page/submitting an answer etc. usually takes between 3-8 seconds here. I think that is also too long, but I am far away from 55 seconds.


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        While there are some ongoing performance changes upcoming in future versions, vB5 works with caching mechanisms on your server more than before. There are a variety of ways you can increase your performance. These include shifting the cache to the file system. This will be handy on servers with fast drives like SSDs and heavy MySQL usage. It will also take advantage of xCache and Memcache on the server if configured properly.

        However to know what would help your installation best, we need to know about your server... What version of webserver are you using? What version of PHP? Do you have an opcode cache installed on the server? How much control do you have over the server?
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          Using Bluehost because they were one of the few reliable hosts I could find that could handle the requirements of PHP 5.4 and the higher MySQL than GoDaddy offered.

          I should clarify that the 55 seconds was back-end and running a query that needed to update at least 2700 records with an update to a Usergroup (hoping this is why that took that long).
          Apache version 2.2.25
          PHP version 5.4.17
          MySQL version 5.5.33-log
          Architecture x86_64
          Operating system linux
          I am sure that I can get answers to some of your other questions when I have a bit more time. Truthfully, I am not that affected by the slower speeds because I am more tolerant than most of my users... but my tolerance goes down with the abundance of complaints I have to field. I am sure you get me.

          Maybe a "Best Practices" doc to make vb5 faster? Doing all I can to stick with this and not reverting to 4.2.1 until all of the production bugs are addressed.


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            I also have serious problems with the speed of posting. I am completely disappointed with the VB5 and the slowness with which ridiculous problems remain unsolved.


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              5.0.5 is going to be kick-ass... right? 5.1?

              Please make it so...


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                Originally posted by CygnusFTK View Post
                5.0.5 is going to be kick-ass... right? 5.1?
                I wouldn't consider it being 'kick-ass', but vB5 will get better/more advanced with every release, since constant work is being done on the software.


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