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    Could not find mention of this anywhere else.

    We are on 5.0.4 (new install) and are having issues with users trying to edit an existing post.

    When they try to edit the existing post content that is before the end of a line the editor moves them back to the end of the current line and starts the input there.

    For example, if they were trying to edit the following to fix the typo ("jumpe" should be"jumped").

    "The quick brown fox jumpe over the hedge."

    They would place the cursor after the "e" in "jumpe" but as they start typing the cursor would move to the end of the sentence resulting in the following:

    "The quick brown fox jumpe over the hedge.d"

    It is extremely annoying as the user has to basically either copy and past to another editor to fix or delete all their post back to the error etc. they are trying to edit.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    This is a known issue but I don't know the JIRA number off the top of my head.

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      I've not personally run into this issue on 5.0.4, what browser are your users getting who are reporting the problem, are you getting the same issue here on


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        I can't reproduce this issue on my vB 5.0.4 installation or here on


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          This occasionally happens to me on this site, but I was never sure if it was my fingers accidentally hitting my touchpad moving the cursor unintentionally. It seems when I type slow or try to force it to happen I can't reproduce it.


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            We are running 5.0.3 and our users don't have that issue. However, our users have TONS of trouble when they insert a link or photo and then try to format text in a post e.g. bold. All the bbcodes are exposed. I am going to test a link in this post to see if I can format some of the text. If this is not fixed I will wait to update until the next update.

            NOTE: The below link is just a test for me.
            Debbie Green


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              YAY! it worked and I didn't have any trouble editing my post. It appears they fixed the formatting text in a post with an image or link in it.

              FYI, I was able to position my cursor exactly where I wanted it to be.

              It appears the spacing after the text is also fixed in this update; prior to the update there wasn't line feed. It was all smashed on top of each other.
              It also appears that you can now scroll through and select the image you want to display for the link; prior to the update that didn't work.
              Debbie Green


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                Question, we have version 5.0.3 and it will not let me copy and move a post from one private group to another private group that I as admin created. It gives me this error code.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	error.jpg
Views:	53
Size:	146.3 KB
ID:	3990432
                Debbie Green


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                  It seems to happen intermittently to our users. I am having trouble replicating it but it has happened to me also...


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                    Please upgrade to 5.0.4 if you haven't already.


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                      We are running 5.0.4. It is a clean install, we were not upgrading. The issue persists and is sporadic.


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                        We need steps to reproduce, and the EXPLICIT conditions which it happens under.


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                          Unfortunately it is happening sporadically. It seems to primarily affect users with Chrome browser and it is only when trying to Edit an existing post.


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