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  • Server Error Message / But Working...

    I received this from a user a moment ago. Can anyone help? I also experience something similar (but not during a post). When I edit a page with Edit Site on, it does it, I save it, I get back a message that says Server Error 500, but the changes to the page actually happened. Anyone able to help with that one?

    Nice job with the changes so far. I don't envy you with this undertaking - not just because of the work involved, but with a community of this size, you face that many more people resistant to change - even if it's for the better.

    Something I wanted to let you know. When posting with coded information [ code ] , I get an error message with the server. What happens then is I hit "okay" and resubmit - getting the same message. But it's actually submitted already and can only be detected by refreshing. This is leading to many double- and even triple-posts that I've noticed from more than just me.

    Second thing is nothing big. The system isn't currently showing the correct "last posted by" on the pages. It's not on every thread, just many that have been posted on since yesterday. It likely is just a switch you have turned off while working in the system, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Once again, nice job with this. And I'm sure everybody will be pleased with it once it's at 100%.

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