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invalid_attachment_storage error when uploading images

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  • invalid_attachment_storage error when uploading images

    I just updated my attachment file storage path (it wasn't working before but I don't remember what the error was). I've set permissions to be 0777 and run diagnostics in Admin which said upload is working, but when I try to upload images using either the Camera or Document icon, I get an error that says "invalid_attachment_storage." I've tried to upload a small jpg and a smaller png. I'm doing this from my Admin account.

    Hopefully I'm just missing a setting somewhere in the Admin panel. Any help would be appreciated; I run a car forum which is much less interesting without images.

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    You made sure to set 777 on all of the subfolders, as well?


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      Hmm. Well I hadn't (assumed it filtered down), so I just went back and did that but I'm still getting the error. Tested in both Firefox and IE.

      The server error log says "File does not exist."
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        Got it working by changing from a relative path to fixed. Still missing most of my attachments, though. The attachment manager can't "see" the attachments that I do have. When I look at the Attachment Manager, it list 30 total attachments, but there are a TON more than that in the attachment folder. Is there some sort of script I need to run for it to recognize them?
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          I have the same problem...when i try to upload a file from the front end of forum the error is invalid_attachment_storage
          I try the diagnostic and it's ok.


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