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  • Site Builder Customization and Templates

    I have a couple of questions on using the sitebuilder to customize the forum. This would be very useful for me in certain sections of the forum to display relevant php code.

    Firstly can you remove any templates that you have saved as when trying this I have created several that I no longer require.

    There appears to be a problem when reverting the template back to the original one used. For instance I have modified default Conversation Page Template to include adverts. I have also saved a new template based on this. But the page that uses the new template I wanted to change back to use the Default Category Page Template but when I select it the template is blank. Then when I go to save the page it asks me to overwrite the template which I don't want to do.

    Is there also a way that we can reuse adverts in all templates, edited several pages and then having to create the same advert is a pain.

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