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  • DemOnstar
    I just do the normal routine of clicking on the messages (red box) and it takes me there. I saw 2 notifications and they are the 2 mentioned.
    As I get notifications, I visit in another tab and clear all notifications out of habit. I wish they would go away after I have clicked and checked.

    Cheers Joe....

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  • BirdOPrey5
    Known issue. (The fact you commented on your own reply) - Are you sure the notification wasn't just so old it wasn't listed on the page with newer notifications? You have to click "View All Notifications" to see them all

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  • DemOnstar
    started a topic Notifications


    This is a strange one. Today I get 2 notifications that DemOnstar commented on DemOnstars reply.

    I was testing something out

    My last entry in that test thread was June 19th but I got notified today of my own replies....

    First of all, why do I get a notification to tell me that I responded to me? Not so important really but odd.
    Secondly, and very odd, why is it that the notifications are 3 days late?

    Thank you.....

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