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redirect old vb4 links - issue with htaccess

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  • redirect old vb4 links - issue with htaccess


    I want to redirect some old forum link to other parts of my web page. For example, old Arcade page I wan't redirect to

    When I add this line to vb5 htaccess file:
    RedirectMatch 301 /arcade.php$
    I got this as result:

    How I can make redirection without ?routestring=arcade.php?
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    generaly how to rewrite old vb4 links?

    For example I wan't to redirect old url to How can I do this without geting link with ?routestring= after (I want old links redirect to forum homepage)?
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      Rather than messing with the htaccess file, you would be better off with a custom 404 error page the redirects everyone to your page- this way if they enter ANY URL that doesn't exist they get brought to your forum homepage.


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        I added to my htaccess file: ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

        and created 404.html file but I still get vbulletin page with message "Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page should exist, please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message.".

        I have more than 40.000 dead links from vb4. I want to redirect all error to home page. How to do that?

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          You're right. I forgot VB5 shows its own error message.

          This should have been fairly easy, and I was going to suggest in that case just adding a redirect to the error phrase displayed on the error page when a file doesn't exist.

          However in my testing it turns out this isn't possible to what I believe to be a bug - - where HTML in the error message isn't treated as HTML.

          So back to square 1, and I do not know how to change the htaccess file to do your custom forwarding, sorry.


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            Ok. I have done some coding and managed to redirect 404 errors but there should be some option or easier way in one of next vb releases.
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