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  • Avatar resizing

    Hi Guys,

    I've noticed with vb5 that avatars are being re-sized down to ~64x64 regardless of what permissions have been granted to the usergroup.

    For instance, the Admin usergroup has custom avatar height/width set to 600x600 (which is obviously excessive, however this is just for testing) however, the avatar size is still at 64x64. The image is 200 x 200.

    Is there a way I can allow larger avatars to be used, like vb4?

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    +1 i would still like info on this as well....

    sutto, i can tell you the way the software is atm, as far as i know, you have to edit template code for that...also what i understand is that the 200x200 is showing in your profile only...

    i actually found where to change avatar size in post i believe is in the utilities.css(just look for the 64px ones) but you cant make it too much bigger, i dont think even to 100px because it wont stay centered and leans into the post area....i started a thread asking for infos on this issue but no replies yet so best luck.


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      II is shrunk down in the postbit

      <----------- here ------------

      Quite a bit. That is by design and there is no easy way to change it without a completely custom style for the postbit which we do not support but is possible.

      However on your profile page you should see the avatar at the larger size. If it's large on the profile page but small in a topic, that is normal (for VB5.)


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        Disappointing that we've lost basic functionality from vb4 to vb5.


        • Crocodine
          Crocodine commented
          Editing a comment
          Totally agree on that.

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