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No functional template after upgrading to vB5?

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  • No functional template after upgrading to vB5?

    I just upgraded from 4.17 to 5.02. The forum page shows as html, even if the default template seems to be set to "Default vB5 style". What do I need to do to make the template work? It would be nice to have the forum in usable state, even if it's just with the vBulletin default look.
    Thank you in advance

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    Do you have a link to the site?
    vBulletin Support


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      Yes, sorry. It's

      While I'm asking about this, why do this site come up in my cpnael and on logout? Seems inapproriate in licensed softvare like vB?


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        The issue is your CSS is not showing and your URL rewrites are not working. The affiliate link is from your host, not vBulletin.

        1) Make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file (assuming your on Apache or a server that uses .htaccess)

        2) If your forum is installed in a sub-folder ( for example) add the code RewriteBase /upload/ directly below the RewriteEngine On line in .htaccess

        3) Double check the Base URL set in the config.php file does not end in a slash (/)

        4) Double check the Core URL in Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details is correct (ends in /core) and does NOT end in a slash (/) either.


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          Hi! Thank you very much! You pointed me in the right direction, the problem was the base URL in the config.php. I forgot to rewrite it, so it still was The frontpage seems to be loading correctly now, but there's still someting going on with the rest of it. I'll try the next step too.


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            Hi, it worked for a few minutes, and then the page was blank again and says "There is a serious error and the page cannot be rendered."

            What I did was first added the code RewriteBase /upload/ directly below the RewriteEngine On line in .htaccess
            Then changed the Base URL ing config-php, which seems to be the one that did the trick.

            Should I restore the htaccess file?

            (the core URL in admincp was ok, by the way)


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              If RewriteBase /upload/ is causing an issue then remove it (or re-upload the original file) - It should only be added if you are having a problem with URL redirects BEFORE you add it.


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                ve restored the htaccess. But I think I only thought it was working because I realized I was logged in as admin when I browsed the page, and it still works when I'm logged in. But when I sign out and browse the site I only get the message cited above. Is there something else I could try?I


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                  It all seems to be fine now. Thanks for all your advice.


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