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Guest statistics in vb5.0 not showing properly

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  • Guest statistics in vb5.0 not showing properly

    Just installed vb5 yesterday and working through all the little issues to get things up and working right. One vexing thing I cant seem to find a control for is that the statistics window at the bottom does not show the actual number of guests online. It shows logged in members but only 1 guest when in fact there are hundreds at any time. Any suggestions?

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    The module is set to show all users or just those on that page? You can view this by editing the page and then editing that module in Sitebuilder.
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      It's set for all pages. The whos online for logged in is right, but guest is always 1, when in fact there are hundreds


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        Have same problem. It is set to show stats for all pages. Number of users online is right but number of guest is allways one. Most users online is right. For exmaple today was new record - over 800 users online
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