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Registred user canont publish topic

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  • Registred user canont publish topic

    As administrator I don't have any problems to post new topics, but register user cannot to pos new topic, only can reply.
    I check my permission user group and forum but maybe I am losing something.
    Is it possible that you send me a tipical set of permission for register user that allow them to post new topics?
    One thing more I had upgrade my forum from version 4 to Vb5 and in version 4 I don't have any issue with permissions

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    This is what appear when Register User clicking post topic: Create New Content
    Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page


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      So you checked both Usergroup Manager > Registered User to make sure they have permissions to post and also Usergroups > Channel Permissions > find channel > find Registered Users and made sure they had permissions?

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        Thanks Lynne for your answer but I check both previously and now I am rechecking and the issue remain.
        I check yes for "can post topics" and can reply own and others topics. Also I check yes and can create channel.
        But, that doesn't work.
        You can check my forum in
        My problem happen only with registered user because I don't have any problem with my administrator or moderator account.
        Please any other idea about this issue?


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          Thanks the problem was fixed with support of your staff.
          Lynne you were right with the clue


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