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attachment errors/php problems

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  • attachment errors/php problems

    are post attachments limited to only images at this time?
    I was curious when the ability to upload any file as an attachment will be implemented.

    I tried adding a php.ini to my root web directory to add this:
    upload_max_filesize = 100M
    post_max_size = 105MB #(Note that it is 1 MB larger so there is room in a POST request for more than a 10MB file)
    memory_limit=125MB #(This allows for a 11 MB post, while still giving php 8 MB of available RAM to run in, which is the php default)

    MySQL: my.cnf or my.ini (win32)
    max_allowed_packet = 100M #(Max allowed by MySQL)

    and for some reason, my PHP max post size was set to 105bytes. according to the vbulletin panel, that is.

    by default, my host has it set to 10mb, apparently. but it looks like trying to edit it makes it 105bytes.

    is that on my hosts end, or vbulletin?

    I tried adding that php.ini and seeing if it would allow me to upload larger pictures, but it ended up timing out or giving me an error

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    You can upload certain file types besides images. As with all vBulletin installations the Administrator specifies allowed attachment file types. txt files and zip files are allowed, exe files are not. Not sure of he rest off hand.

    You need to specify memorry limits as 105M not MB.


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      Oh okay. The only reason I ask is the error message that comes up when an attachment fails says "Image failed to upload"

      Thanks for the info, is there a specific place I can edit what attachment types can be used?

      I tried using M instead of MB and for some reason it defaulted to 105 Bytes, no matter what I set the "post_max_size" value to.
      Do you think this is an issue with my web host?


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        nevermind, i found the admin area for attachments. great interface for it

        Still having the php problems though

        probably has to do with my other issue:


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