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Attachments Missing after upgrade

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  • Attachments Missing after upgrade

    I'm running 5.0.2 currently and none of my attachments from previous versions show. I have attachments set to store in the file system, currently below root, although I've tried hosting them in /public_html/ too with no luck. Permissions are set to 777. I've verified the attachments are on the server through cPanel, but when I pull up the Attachment Manager in AdminCP, it lists 5 attachments instead of the hundreds I know are out there.

    So, how do I get vBulletin5 to "see" the attachments that were uploaded prior to 5.0.2?

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    Confirmed this on my 5.0.2 test install... All my attachments from 4.x, even 5.0.0 are missing/not listed in the search.. They do exist in the front end however.

    I also had them in the file system.

    Opened Bug -


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      Thanks for checking that out and reporting the bug. I appreciate it!



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        I seem to be missing images from the front end, too. I have found attachments (PDFs) from before the upgrade, but not any images so far. I don't see broken links so it's hard to tell, but I know at least 4 posts of album pictures are gone.

        I upgraded from 3.6 to 4.2, then to 5.0.1, then to 5.0.2


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