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  • Users not able to register

    When hitting the "complete signup" button on the register page, users receive this error:

    Sorry, but the server is not responding properly to information requests. This may be a momentary problem. If you continue to receive this message and the site is otherwise functioning, please contact the site administrator.

    I ran diagnostics, and it says that there is an AJAX Unicode Issue.

    I didn't have this problem before the update to 5.0.2, though.

    Any ideas?

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    Can you post a link to your site?

    If you prefer not please open a support ticket in the Member's Area. Include an Admin CP username and password in the "Sensitive Data" box.


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      I'm upgrading to 5.0.2 patch 1 as soon as I hit post reply


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        I see in my browser console a 500 (Internal Server Error) is being generated on a POST request to:

        Please check your PHP error log for the specific error. It wil give us some clue as to the issue.


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          On this link I see this

          {"error":"insufficient data"}


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            [24-Apr-2013 22:10:27 America/Denver] PHP Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_NAME in /home5/chelsec5/public_html/greygaming/members/core/vb/request/web.php on line 217

            thats the only error i can find (my host has a limited log, unfortunately)


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              screen of my php info:
              zoom in, its high enough resolution


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                i tried reuploading 5.0.2 patch 1 and running the updater.
                that broke the entire site somehow and it was showing a white screen, even after clearing the cache and such.

                I give up, so I'm going to toss the newest files on the server and run install. my databases are backed up and thats all that matters


                • #9
                  that failed.
                  and now something is completely screwed up with the site.
                  check it out, somehow there is an old, cached and broken version of the page up.

                  quick question:
                  I need to wipe the database.
                  What tables should I back up so that I can keep pages, navigation, users (their info), and everything in the actual "forums" area?



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                    You cannot wipe the database and keep users or other info. Wiping would mean starting from scratch. There is no point installing VB5 new if you are going to use a database backup. The act of "Installing" the software doesn't make any changes to the files like you might expect in say a Windows application. Installing merely creates a fresh database.


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                      I was able to restore both the files and the database, both from different times (due to my webhost being ****)

                      the issue persists, so im going to submit a ticket


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