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How to update? 5.0.1 > 5.0.2

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  • How to update? 5.0.1 > 5.0.2

    Hi, before I mess everything up and lose them I want to make sure how to upgrade my vB5 properly. Is there any tutorials I can find? or maybe someone could help me out.

    I've downloaded the vB 5.0.2 from members area, my current forum is 5.0.1 what should I do now?

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    website address/core/install/upgrade.php Can be upgraded


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      First, you'll want to make a backup of your SQL database. Your web host can assist you with that if necessary.
      Then you'll want to turn off your forums.
      Then you'll need to upload the contents of the "Upload" folder to your server via FTP, overwriting the existing files.
      Once ALL of the files are uploaded you'll need to run the upgrade script, usually something like
      Once the upgrade script completes you'll need to manually delete two files install.php and makeconfig.php from your /core/install folder.
      Then you'll need to login to your admincp and manually upgrade or revert any templates as necessary.
      Then turn your forums back on.

      That's the basics.


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        There are instructions in the manual on how to do an upgrade - .

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          Im getting this on upgrade.php, was I really suppose to overwrite everything including the configs? then I have to re do everything in the configs then?

          Configuration: includes/config.php does not exist. Please fill out the data in and rename it to config.php


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            If your site is working with the present configs, I would leave them. My site is on localhost, it works. I just kept the original configs plus the original .htaccess. I uploaded everything in the upload folder except of course the 3 aforementioned files and then ran this script in my browser. http://localhost/core/install/upgrade.php. I guess where I use localhost you should change that bit to your site name.

            The post above in this thread from rhens (post number 3) is helpful.

            Hope that this helps.


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            Sorry, the link didn't work after editing the comment.


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              ı am update but not working editör.


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                Well this is sad, I managed to open the update.php but apparently my host (GoDaddy) doesn't support MySQL 5.1 I am pretty much screwed. Now I have to change host, already had a 3 month plan on GoDaddy and their datacenter are fast.


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