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Few important problems with my new VB5

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  • Few important problems with my new VB5

    Hello everybody, i get VB5 Connect and almost at same time get some troubles with it.

    1) Admin CP,

    on some functions like Smile manager, i'm getting such error:

    How to fix this issue, same thing going on when i'm try to edit users access mask

    2) URL's in messages.

    I'm trying to add URL with editor - some text in my post need to be link to external page. Due to our community that actual are Russian, i'm getting lots of really long links - when link contains russian word and i'm paste it in editor - russian symbols with be changed to some thing really long.

    The problem is that:

    When i'm press save and then trying to edit this post - all links are broken, and its go all the time. The second problem is that some times forum post me some thing like long long URL tag but not the link.

    3) Latest posts and Recent blog posts:

    We get constant problem: when somebody make post with text and with or without image, there is a big white whole here before text, so window is big, but there is just a little bit text there.

    It looks like this:

    4) Calendar.

    How to find it? I saw it in admin CP, but have no idea how to post event there and how user can access this calendar to see events there.

    5) Anouncements

    I was add anouncement to one of forums, but its not dispay anywhere, including this forum (where it should be)

    6) MP3 atach error.

    Attachment type added, but no mp3 can be add there.

    and result:

    I have no any idea how to fix this issues, but they are really important for me.

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    i believe #1 is a known bug, but i still havent made my way into jira yet..

    #2 i thought the adding links function was a bit rough too, it seemd with my test i had to choose between the editor posting an incorrect link at end of post or auto parsing the link without the option to change link "title"

    #5 i believe you need a custom mod for this.....i installed this one to my vb4 but im not sure how compatible it is with vb5 i use his jukebox mod too which i like but had a couple probs with that one on vb5 cuz vb5 doesnt really want u to use code on templates..


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    I do not wan't make embedded in post mp3 player, i wan't add mp3 file as attachment and allow users which have access to this channel to download it

    Regarding links i tryed everything, but when i wan't to edit my post with links with quick edit or advanced - links will be broken anyway


    • DemOnstar
      DemOnstar commented
      Editing a comment
      Which version are you using? Curious because I thought the link problem was fixed. I have edited several times and had no problem with links breaking.

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    1 and 2 are known bugs being worked on. They will be fixed in a future release. 4 (Calendar) is not yet part of VB5, again it will come back in a future release.

    #6 - The screenshot you posted isn't working, the site it goes to is full of ads and the image doesn't load. Please upload the screenshot to this forum or use so I can read the error message


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