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Checking out the new version, some issues so far

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  • Checking out the new version, some issues so far

    hello everyone, just installed a fresh copy of 5.0.1

    like it pretty well so far but theres a few things that i was wondering about so heres a thread for some issues as i come across them..

    to start, the smiley manager and post icon manager does not work for us...then while trying to upload some bulk smiley had an error where it uploaded them as txt instead of images and now i cant remove to retry or anything....

    the other issue is about the spreadsheet or "table" function....i was looking forward to see what improvements were made to this but it seems to have gotten a little worse? the advanced editor box is not showing options for adding/removing rows/columns, editing table properties, or removing tables...i was pretty certain it must be a setting somewhere but was unable to locate..

    also missing the WYSIWYG/standard editor toggle button thats in the top left of vb4's editor box, is there an easy one somewhere else?

    any help with these issues so far?

    thanks for the help, we will try to do our part to get the new software tight asap
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    I know the source mode button isn't in the 5.0.1 editor- as you can see on this site the editor is all new in 5.0.2 and the source mode button is back.

    What do you mean smileys were uploaded as text? Do you mean in ASCII mode like via FTP?


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      hello joe,

      thanks for the info, thats a pretty good start with the source button becuase for us we can get uploading alot of pics in posts(from albums) so it seems easier to edit a # or 2 of the link codes, besides that the WYSIWYG editor is fine...

      this is the message the post/icon smiley manager link gives us "That action could not be completed. Please try again, and if this occurs again please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message." <-------(btw i have no idea why that keeps happening)

      with the smilies we werent able to get any images uploaded, unless doing them one at a time.....i uploaded one image successfully (the pirateship as seen in pic) but as you can see in the pics it only shows the code....i thought maybe an odd bug installing them so did it anyway but nope they stay txt...

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        vBulletin's uploader only allows 1 smiley to upload at once so I don't understand how you would think it is uploading multiple smilies. The option Add Multiple Smilies is only if you have uploaded multiple smilies yourself via FTP or some other means, apart from VB.

        The text you see in the second screenshot is probably because those image files were not uploaded to the server.


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          i understand this...i have over a hundred of em on my other site and this is how i put em on....uploaded folder thru ftp then try to use the add multiple smiley seems to be not working....especially since the smiley manager wont even come up at i wrong here? <----and again with these additions...this editor box seems to not like punctuation or something

          the smiley that you see(the pirate ship) was in the same folder as the others, which was on my server via ftp, only diff was added as a single smiley...

          thank you for your helps with this


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            just noticed the "post link" button in the editor box seems a bit rough...i tried to use it to post an inline link and noticed it placed it at the bottom of the post...i did see it parse the link automatically when posted in the txt, which is tight, but my issue was when i tried to remove the link from wouldnt let me, without posting another i had to delete the whole post and repaste the txt...also btw, it posted a link to vbulletins homepage instead of the specific thread on this site i pasted the url for....

            best luck with the fixes im looking forward to seein how vb5 shapes out..def seems promising


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              There are several bugs related to uploading smilies in the bug tracker, including this one -

              If you feel this is a separate issue please make a bug report here:

              Skip any fields you're not sure of... all you really need is a subject and description.


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                thank you for the links and info, i havent got plugged into the whole jira process yet but i think its time


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