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  • Initial Topic View Shows Only One Page

    My apologies if this has come up before -- I looked and didn't find anything that matched outside of a post in German (with no responses):

    I upgraded to vB5 from vB4....when viewing a topic/thread with lots of posts, only one page is shown (i.e. "Page 1 of 1"). The only way to get at all pages is to change the filter that is being used ... for example, changing it to Show "Discussions Only" and then changing it back to Show "All".

    Is there something that can be done to fix this?

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    To be a bit more clear: I'm not showing the problem on these forums -- page counts are coming up just fine for multi-page threads here ( This leads me to believe that one of the following is going on:

    1. has installed a patch that I don't have access to yet. This would be great news, as it just means that I have to wait a bit and the problem will fix itself with the next product update.

    2. has made some configuration changes that I need to make. Likewise great news, as it's a quick fix. I've looked at the conversation detail module, but changes there don't appear to address the issue.

    3. There was a problem in the upgrade of my forums. I'm not too keen on this answer as it poses some question as to whether I can fix things.

    4. Something else that I haven't considered....


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      And...I finally found an existing reference to this in JIRA:

      My apologies for the cross-posting. I'm assuming that this issue will be up for resolution in an update...


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        I have seen this issue here on a few times, so it's something in vB5.0.0.

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