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  • Mobile Apps Crashing

    As I was getting at in THIS THREAD, the mobile apps that my organization purchased are fully unusable. Both the iOS and Android versions crash when clicking on OS presented notifications most of the time. I started on v2.7. I returned to the project at v2.8.10. I found, by randomly deciding to recompile apps on the vBulletin site, that vB silently released v2.8.11 and v2.8.12. The crashes continue. These crashes are dirty, so to speak, as they leave behind some sort of local data on the phone which I presume is used to recall login credentials. Whether I take the saved login credentials or rewrite another user's or the same user's credentials manually, I'm next greeted by errors first saying that the username and password are incorrect, and then get a 500 error. The solution is to have to delete the app and its data and fully reinstall. Needless to say, I'm not deploying these apps to my users until this is cleaned up.

    I'm quite upset because of the relative silence from vBulletin on the matter. I've posted crash reports in and written the thread linked above. vBulletin has been very, very quiet on the matter. At this point I'm actively looking at other vendors, and plan to contact customer service to recover my organization's expenditures on the app add-on to the vB Connect 5 package. The web app works fine. The mobile apps are FULLY UNACCEPTABLE.

    vbulletin, I need some answers please.
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    In order for our Developers to investigate this fully, can you create a new Bug report here for the appropriate project (either iOS or Android) and upload a copy of the crash report:

    Instructions on how to retrieve crash reports for your device can be found here:

    iOS Issue Reports.

    - Visit the Apple Provisioning Portal at
    - Enter your User ID and Password to log in.
    - Click on Manage Apps
    - Select the App that reported the Issue
    - Click View Details.
    - On the View Details screen there will be a Crash Reports button. Each version of iOS will have its own Tab.
    - Select the appropriate version of iOS as obtained from the end-user reporting the issue.
    - Click on the download button next to the Crash Reports to download them.
    - Attach the resulting ZIP file to your JIRA Issue.

    Android Crash Reports

    - Visit your Android Developer Console at
    - Login if needed using your User ID and Password.
    - Find the App with the reported problem in your list of Apps and click Errors on its row.
    - The next screen will report "Freezes" and "Crashes" along with some statistics. If there are error reports, they will be linked.
    - Click on the Error Reports Link (e.g. 6 New)
    - The errors will be shown inline on the next page. Click on an an Error title will show the error in detail.
    - You will need to copy and paste the stack traces show into a JIRA Issue Comment.
    - At the top of the screen, you will see a link labeled "Show User Messages". Click This.
    - A user message should be show that corresponds with the error. If filled out properly it tells us what they were doing at the time of the error. Copy and paste this into the JIRA Issue Comments as well.

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      As noted in my last reply here, that report has been made and I have updated it each time a new sub version is silently released. I’ve not seen a single comment from the dev folks on it.


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        I've pointed the issue out to the product manager of the Mobile App. I do not know whether they will have an immediate fix or not. Not that planning and scheduling on developing the apps is done months in advanced so a bug may not be resolved immediately. Many app builds are working with Push Notifications, including the app for this site which is often used as a test bed for features. While we want it to work on all builds, the fact that it doesn't brings up some of the complexities of building white label apps.
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          While we want it to work on all builds, the fact that it doesn't brings up some of the complexities of building white label apps.
          Fully understood Wayne Luke, and thank you for calling their attention to it. I know that your app is sourcing data from a virtually endless variety of server brands, OSs, web-servers (NGINX,Apache, etc), and as a result an issue can be generated at any of those steps along the way. My complaint here has been the lack of responsiveness. As I can see that you're correcting that, I'll wait a bit for the devs to see what they can make of my issue, and I'll keep my eyes on this thread as well.



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