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Option to default start mobile apps in "Forums" view, rather than "Activity" view

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  • Option to default start mobile apps in "Forums" view, rather than "Activity" view

    Isn't there anyone else than me that finds it very strange that the Mobile Suite mobile apps cannot start in the "Forums" view (i.e. listing the forums, just like the web version of vBulletin), but rather only start in the messy and hard-to-overlook "Activity" view?

    If you feel the same, please vote on my improvement request for this in the Tracker, in order to get an option added for this in the settings.

    At least for me, this is making my users (and myself) very confused and annoyed (many of them cannot even find their way to the individual forums because of this), since we want to see and browse the forums just like in the web version of vBulletin.

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    Doesn't bother me one way or another. Most "community" apps open in an Activity Stream view so I guess that I am used to it. I honestly think it should be the default view on the web client as well. If that change was made then some desparately needed improvements (going back to vB4) would be more important and put into the system. Since it is hidden from most users, 1) they don't even know it is there even with the tab and 2) it has a bit more "chaos" than needed.

    I tossed you a vote though.
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      Thanks for the vote Wayne!

      And I guess the fact that we disagree on which is the best starting view is in itself a great argument for making this a config option!


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