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When does Push Notification work? (after finishing setting up)

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  • When does Push Notification work? (after finishing setting up)


    I have finished setting up firebase and been testing vBulletin ios app on TestFlight.
    As I can see, Push Notification will send notification for messages that received from other members on forum.

    I'm wondering is there any setup to make it push specific notification to users. For example, new subscriber, new reply, new like..?

    Thank you very much for your kind support.

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    The user can determine what they are notified about in the Web Client under "User Settings -> Notifications."

    The app will show have push notifications after the user logs in and stays logged in with the app. If the user doesn't visit the site within 7 days, the notifications will be suppressed. They will also have to enable Push Notifications for the app in their phone settings.
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      Thank you for reply.

      I have known about user setting option for notification.
      For example, I can see notification about my new likes on web view (any browser). But my app notification does not show that.


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