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Issues with vbulletin v 2.01 apps iOS and Android

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    SENT messages in iOS app do not append to the existing PM thread in which you are replying
    iOS app spellcheck autocorrect will not engage as typing a message to send
    Android app once emoji keyboard is engaged hard to revert to regular ABC keyboard
    Android app stuck in jsonArray error can't get it to open


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      By the way, and this issue has been Confirmed and marked as Major, but for me, of all of the bugs this one really is the worst. I won't even use the iOS app to respond to PMs due to this issue, rendering the iOS app useless for me until this is fixed:
      SENT messages in iOS app do not append to the existing PM thread in which you are replying

      This seems to be a bug exclusive to the iOS app. 2.02

      I used the iOS app to Reply to a PM thread that had some messages in it. Later, when I accessed the PM thread on the website message, I noticed that the reply I had made was not there at the bottom of the thread.

      I thought that perhaps I had forgotten to push Send, but then when I examined SENT messages, the reply PM was there, but all by itself, not attached to the PM thread from which I had replied.

      Android app does not exhibit this issue. I created a test thread to PM back and forth between myself and another forum member. Replies made using the iOS app do not append - do not become a part of the existing PM thread, but replies from the Android app do append and become part of the thread normally.

      I created a thread with one PM sent from user M to user J, and one PM sent from user J to user M. Then I sent a PM using the iOS app from user M to user J:

      and I also sent a message from user M to user J using the android app:

      However then when examining the thread later in the website version, either looking from user's M's side or user J's side:

      only the reply sent using the Android app becomes a part of the existing thread.

      The reply sent with the iOS app, somehow becomes an independent PM, in some new thread that is created:

      such that there are now two threads

      This is not good! Replies using the iOS app should remain within the existing PM thread, not becoming a new PM for a newly created thread of its own.


      • Wayne Luke
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        This is due to support for vBulletin 3 and 4. They are the lowest common denominator. Such 2.X doesn't support these old versions of vBulletin, we can start moving away from these legacy APIs.
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