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Why is the allowed app name (name for app icon etc) so limited (12 characters, latin characters only)?

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    Originally posted by Mark.B View Post
    The development teams do not work in the forums. They work in the bug tracker. As Wayne mentioned, you should raise a feature request in there. It's linked in the navbar.
    Ok, fair enough, allow me to rephrase:

    Wouldn't it be appropriate if the support staff answering questions about a certain product (in this case, the Mobile Suite, in this particular forum focused on this product) had a working internal communication channel with the dev team (or personally had deep knowledge about the product themselves, although absolutely not necessary or required to be able to deliver good support), so that they could investigate received reasonable questions about the product and then provide answers to them as part of their support work, rather than instead answering things of the type "I'm personally guessing X, but I really have no idea, and I don't intent to follow it up with someone internally either"?

    Bug trackers and feature requests aren't really a communication system, but rather a way of suggesting reasonable improvements and additions once you have been able to establish that what you're suggesting isn't just some kind of misunderstanding, or impossible for some reason to begin with. Also, a very low percentage of the issues in the bug tracker receive any kind of reply or comment whatsoever, which is very unfortunate I think in way of encouraging new reports from users.


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      Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
      The person who made the original 12 character decision is no longer with the company. No one working here at this time knows why it was made.
      Thanks, that's exactly the kind of clarification I was after before putting time into registering an improvement suggestion for it. Now I will!

      Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
      The most likely reason is that it was the limit when the Mobile Apps were originally created. This length has not changed since the Apps were launched in 2011. You're the first person to actually complain about the limit that I know of.
      Yeah, most people just look for other products when they find things they don't like in a certain product, rather than asking about it, let alone going through the trouble of registering an improvement suggestion about it in some (extremely sluggish) bug tracker. That's why people who actually do that are quite valuable, and are recommended to be supported well and treated with good respect.


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