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vB Mobile App URL issue

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  • Wayne Luke
    A 301 is when you redirect a URL to another location. vBulletin wouldn't do this by default. You would have to ask your hosting provider if they are providing any redirects.

    Looking at your page directly, I see that it isn't available to Guest Users. You're home page has to be accessible to Guest Users for the API to work properly. You need to reset the permissions on the Home Node channel under Channel Management -> Channel Permissions. You can edit permissions on the Forums, Blogs, and Groups channels to prevent Guest Users from viewing that content.

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  • solemo
    started a topic vB Mobile App URL issue

    vB Mobile App URL issue

    I am working on getting the apps built.
    I put in my api key and url
    This is what I get when I put in the api key and url. The URL to my site is:
    Invalid response connecting to There should be a 200 or 303 response code, got 301
    Any idea why this is happening?
    Last edited by solemo; Thu 18 Apr '19, 10:32am.

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