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Feedback after creating android app with vBulletin Mobile Suite

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  • Feedback after creating android app with vBulletin Mobile Suite

    Dear staff,

    vBulletin website is the best (yes with some bugs), displaying on phones is great, but android mobile has blocking issues in my case, here is some points:

    1- the vBulletin Mobile Suite seems to not support RTL mode: i didn't found a way to set RTL mode, which caused:
    • texts written in RTL was displayed in LTR
    • users, menu, other indications.... are in an LTR side
    • after setting an RTL language in phone setting, some menus are displaying in english default language of the app; other was automatically translated
    • impossible to set one language for the app which display despite phone language setting, which cause aleatory translations,
    • impossible to add correct translation to default language, something like the website in a much smaller way,
    • arrangement of mixed words english/arabic in contents was changed, so texts becomes unreadable: Blocking issue

    Forum categories lists, topics titles, Articles titles & previews, Blogs titles & previews are correctly displaying in RTL mode, despite phone language setting. But All the content has issues displaying in RTL.

    Result: the RTL issues consequences made the app Definitely Unusable.

    2- after clicking on "Messages", the android app crashes, this issue is existing also with the official app "vBulletin community forum", maybe we need to add some messages to reproduce the issue, tested with android 8.1

    3- after clicking on Articles: the images and texts previews are extremely downsized, we find again the correct size after clicking to read content.

    4- the content is correctly centralized in Forums posts, but in Blogs and Articles, the content is not centralized, images are not totally displayed, content could be shifted to the sides, which make nonsense that the website is displaying on phone better the App,

    I will stop here to avoid flooding with details,

    i just begin few days ago to build the app, when i purchased the vBulletin 5.0 Connect Mobile Bundle in 1/28/2018, i didn't see theses issues coming, I should maybe be confident and patient but which made me upset is this post:

    in this post i find:

    Ok, how much will it be?
    The price is $199 which covers the first years updates and support, and it is $99 to renew. (i.e. it costs you $199 up front, then $99 each 12 months beyond that).
    This fee will cover the branded iPhone application, the branded Android application and future mobile applications that we elect to develop.
    i would understand that i must pay 99$ more to have updates with resolved issues !!??

    i should be confident,,

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    1) It should inherit the settings of the device. There is no way to change language in the app itself. If the language doesn't exist I believe it just defaults to English.

    2) You have another topic on this.

    3) This is how the App was designed.

    4) Haven't experienced this on the iPhone App. I don't have an android device to test. More information would be necessary. Especially screenshots.

    The post you referenced is out of date. It has no bearing on current prices.
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      1) these issues are about RTL displaying itself in one hand, and about language synchronisation with default language of the vBulletin website in the other hand, device setting has no effects and no relation,
      3) and 4) i don't know if i should report this in Tracker, i'll try my luck

      thank you Wayne for help, your support will be very appreciated when android app issues will be reported in Tracker to developers,


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        1) The Apps do not have anything to do with the languages inside vBulletin. The languages are compiled into the App itself and reside on the phone.
        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
        The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
        vBulletin 5 API


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          Thank you Wayne for the support, issues are reported, all that i hope is to publish the app to give the necessary impetus to the website activity,
          and come back here as soon as possible to thank those who have contributed to solving the problems of the android app, unusable at this stage, in RTL default mode of the website.


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