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  • Missing icon/image

    Every single one of my apps is being rejected by Apple saying its missing a icon/image in the binary... see attached screenshot...

    DM Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)
    CN Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)
    TheFaFClan Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)
    Audi Spirit Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)

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    Hi, I already had the same issue but I fix it.
    1- Change your app form ipa to zip.
    2- Unzip the file.
    3- Open the Payload file.
    4- Right click the file "Show Package Contents"
    5- Add icons 120x120 and 57x57. the name is [email protected] and [email protected]
    6- Open Info.plist and add icons.

    Upload it then you will get "Invalid Binary"

    to fix it IDFA Error:
    you have to say yes in Advertising Identifier [IDFA] "iTunes Connect"

    Then Upload it


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      Thanks alkhabra. You say the 2nd screenshot is from itunes connect. Where exactly? I don't see it.

      EDIT: Well, I can't modify the app to add the necessary files. Xcode used to automatically open the app for me. I see the [email protected] is there but maybe it's missing from the Info.plist which I can't access.

      Please get the developer to give us instructions on opening the app with Xcode. This is really important to me.
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        This is being looked at, sorry for any inconvenience.

        TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.4 Demo
        AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


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          As far as the IDFA problem, this addition should be removed for those who never opted for advertising. My understanding is you have to reject your binary so iTunes Connect will prompt you for that screen again.

          EDIT: I was able to solve the IDFA problem by uploading the app anyways and the binary was rejected which let me go back and fill in the information. However, I couldn't solve the missing image problem. I uploaded the 2 files as alkhabara said except I'm not sure how to add them to the pl.list. I tried "Applcon57x57" then I tried "[email protected]" but itunes said the files were still missing. I need better instructions.
          Last edited by worried; Wed 25 Jun '14, 9:13am.


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            I'm having the same issues with the missing icons and IDFA.


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