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Cannot find code object error when signing app

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  • tnedator
    Running the "Install" from the applications menu after running the Xcode install described in the directions seems to have worked. The instructions should be updated for version 4.x of Xcode.

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  • tnedator
    started a topic Cannot find code object error when signing app

    Cannot find code object error when signing app

    Hi, I'm trying to sign the app and am having problems.

    When I follow the instructions, I get Cannot find code object on disk.

    I saw another thread about this, and the suggestion was to check the install location of xcode. I can't figure out where it's installed. The only thing I find is "install" that's in the applications folder.

    Unfortunately, the "instructions for completing your application" don't match what's actually happening. For instance, it describes a "custom install page" during the Xcode and IOS SDK install, but that's not an option when I install it. So, there is no option to choose the directory or to choose "System Tools", "unix development", etc.

    I am currently running the "Install" programming, which again didn't give me any option for an install location.

    So, basically I'm flying blind here, taking a hit and miss approach running things, because the instructions don't match the current xCode install process.

    Any advice on installing Xcode 4.0 properly and signing the app, would be greatly appreciated.


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