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Connection Errors Unless I Reduce Posts Per Page to Ten

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  • Connection Errors Unless I Reduce Posts Per Page to Ten

    On both my Android and iPhone apps, my users have received connection errors since the very beginning. I disabled all plugins individually via the product manager, via the admin options, and via config.php, but the errors persisted. The only thing that has consistently eliminated the errors (On Android: "Connection error. Please try again later.") is reducing the number of posts per page to ten.

    I tested this many times by loading a thread that generates the error with thirty posts per page, then with ten posts, then again with thirty. (Fifteen is hit or miss.) Every time I have the lower setting in effect, these threads will load, but whenever the higher setting is in effect, the error is displayed and the thread is not.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Is there a memory issue I can help with a change to server settings? We have 32GB of RAM on our server and not a lot of sites. There are no other issues with anything timing out.

    The app is called "TNL Forums" in both marketplaces.

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    Have you looked in your error_logs at all to see if something is in there about the problem?

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