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    Originally posted by LEARNER29 View Post
    pierguy, it is not only the documentation, it is far more.
    Short of a few misleading items in the docs for the mobile app that get you (read: hold your hand) all the way thru the process, they have done a fantastic job with this current setup, IMHO. If you have not been thru it, you might not know that.
    Originally posted by LEARNER29 View Post
    If you read around, you would see that many are seriously complaining about the vb mobile not working as expected, often giving errors, often failing and not at all satisfactory.
    Have you actually got the mobile suite going or are you going by others comments only? If the latter, here's one more: my experience with the mobile/vbulletin/apple/market etc has been not only a lot of fun, but an interesting experience so far as well. And, after all, this is what we run forums for. At least I do. For the fun and the experience of learning things, just like this.

    Originally posted by LEARNER29 View Post
    Add to this, the mobile suite as it is provided by vbulletin for example, would require you to have a PAID developper account with Apple to be able to submit your app.......

    Why would I want to pay $100 per year to have a developper account with apple that I don't need for anything at all except the vb app?
    For the experience and the extras that come with that measly 100 bucks. I won't bore you with the details of whats included, go look if you don't know. You get to publish your app by paying that 100 bucks, but you get a whole lot more as well. The world of Apple is quite large and there are lots of benefits taking part in it like this, to get your feet wet I mean.
    Originally posted by LEARNER29 View Post

    I'd prefer to let my users buy tapatalk or forumrunner for 2-3 bucks. At the end of the day remember, it is tapatalk or forum runner in that case who is providing support for their own applet, (not you)

    Hence the money is well invested.

    And if you want to make money of your audience on mobile phones, it is not complicated to include some google ads (if you accept those) on your pages on tapatalk. You will get the revenue. Tapatalk does deserve the 2 bucks it got.
    Good for you, you've made a choice. There is no need to come here and bad mouth this project though, spoiling the idea for others with an interest in learning and being in charge of project like this for the fun and learning that comes along with it.

    tapatalk didn't just come along and start taking vbulletins mobile business because the vB app isn't as good, its been around a long time as I recall. I would think everyone thats needed it, have it by now, or will when the time is right for them and they choose, like you have.

    The rest of us will use this one if we like it, you can count me in as one of those who does. You won't see my on your forum saying 'tapitalk sucks, use the vB mobile suite' though.

    Get on with it, and do whats best for you and your users. These attacks on the mobile suite are worthless and annoying.

    Myself and I'm sure many others, are taking the vBulletin route here. We pay and we stay, because we enjoy working with and learning from, the world that is vBulletin. Including the Mobile Suite.


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      If an app delivers nothing more than a regurgitation of what's on your site, there's no need for an app. Delivering a mobile-optimized version of a site can and should be handled at the template level to deliver something that essentially functions like an app--without forcing users to download something.

      I'm glad VB offers the option for those who want it. I'm not a hater; they do a good job satisfying a raucous and widely disparate customer base. But the documentation and functionality for altering VB's native mobile templates is awful. With this ( and this ( being the sole documentation, those of us who aren't coders are stuck with solutions like VB's apps program or Tapatalk/Forum runner. And both either drain your wallet or force you to surrender revenue to someone else, all because VB won't beef up a critical piece of infrastructure.


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        Tapatalk works great for me. It's free for forum-owner. You can easily add your ads to it. vBulletin mobile solution is too expensive and not much better than Tapatalk, why I should it use?
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          Originally posted by fragov View Post
          Tapatalk works great for me. It's free for forum-owner. You can easily add your ads to it. vBulletin mobile solution is too expensive and not much better than Tapatalk, why I should it use?
          I hoped by using it instead of Tapatalk is to recoop some of the revenue that is lost by using Tapatalk.
          I don't care for the app too much. Still needs some work.


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            I may be the exception since I have a vbulletin site that is (on purpose) used by a minimum number of people. Most have said the vbulletin mobile app is simply not usable. Now, that being said, I'm stuck on an early version because for some reason I cannot sign the new app. Now I just hope to actually get the latest version uploaded to the App Store one day so i an say I beat the darn thing, but with going through the process probably 50 times (I'm not exaggerating, but it's been over several different weekends and a number of months), I'm not really hopeful.

            Certainly if I can't actually update the app, I won't be renewing when it rolls around. Even if I do, I might not update it unless the features work the way I want them to. My mobile templates have proven to be much more usable in my situation and not only were they free, it didn't take me as long to create them as it has taken to get the update loaded into the app store.

            I like vbulletin, but I'm not happy with the mobile suite. Yes, I'm frustrated, but with so little free time these days to work with what is a hobby, abandoning it is likely the path of least resistance. And yes, most folks that use my forum remotely are attached to the Tapatalk.


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