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Duplicate registrations?

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  • Duplicate registrations?

    Has anyone noticed any issues with people registering through the apps? I launched our Android app on the 17th of July and have noticed an issue whereby some new registrations are creating multiple accounts. For example USERNAMEX will have 4 identical accounts with the user ids being 20001, 20002, 20003 20004 - all with the exact same profiles, emails etc. Our forum is over 10 years old and its the first time I've noticed anything like this. We upgraded our forums to VB4 around the 6th but this issue only began after the Android app was launched. This has only happened with 3 members so far, nothing major, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

    This could be totally unrelated to the's just the timing seems to fit.

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    perhaps related to this!

    maybe a vbulletin security issue


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      Duplicate user names shouldn't normally be allowed to happen.
      What version of vBulletin are you running and what version of the api?


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        I'm on 4.1.4 for the forum and 1.1.2 for the Android app. (I am also using Google Analytics with the app)

        In each of the three cases the number of accounts created is different, first one I noticed had 3, the 2nd one had 2 and the latest one had 4.

        I have not confirmed with the users if they registered through the app...just wanted to see if anyone else had noticed this. Will try and clarify with them...


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          As far as I know, you're the first reported case. Any chance your mysql server is overloaded? Sometimes when things get backed up we see stuff like this (dupilicate threads/posts). Never seen users though. The system should not allow multiple emails by default, and should not allow multiple usernames.

          All of the usernames are 100% the same?


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            We get the occasional double post but it’s never seemed anything out of the ordinary, just like some others forums get them.

            The user accounts are all identical, this is the latest example:

            20656, 20657, 20658 and 20659

            All accounts are using the same email.

            If no one else has experienced this then it's possible it could be some conflict with the app and one of our plugins.


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              You can try using a unique index on the username column in the user table, might cause db errors, but it wont cause duplicates.


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                Don't wish to hijack the thread, but we are having the same issue.. Has happened recently.



                And more to follow.. unknown what the cause is. Using latest vB4.

                I thought names were supposed to be unique. I know the UserID is different, but the username is exactly the same of which I don't think is supposed to be allowed at all.


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                  Do you know whether they came through the iOS or Android apps from looking at your logs?
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                    I have the same problem but for desktop site


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                      Originally posted by sweetpotato View Post
                      I have the same problem but for desktop site
                      Then it is not the same problem. Please start your own thread


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                        Done it


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