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Does AdWhirl successfully show advertisements for you on iPhone?

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  • Does AdWhirl successfully show advertisements for you on iPhone?

    edit, it works for me now... the solution to the problem was oddly just reinstalling the app

    hi all, just want to check to see if i am the only one with this problem.

    1) i followed exact instructions to put my adwhirl API key in the application
    2) i have iAds, admob, and google configured with the correct information, and they are configured "activated" with 33% each for ad distribution ratio
    3) my adhoc build (my app isn't available in apple yet), it doesn't show any ads. i opened the binary in a hex editor and i can confirm the exact adwhirl API key is in there..

    this is a highly confusing issue to troubleshoot. i contacted adwhirl, but no reply yet. the problem is there is not source code i can even give them about the problem, because vbulletin has that.

    vbulletin is saying the problem is at adwhirl's end (which it very well may be); however, I want to get some feedback from you all to see if I am the only one impacted by this problem.

    so in addition to voting for this poll, please let me know what ad networks you are using, how long it took after you turned on adwhirl for ads to appear (if they work for you that is), etc. also any general tips on how to troubleshoot this please let me know. could the problem be that i did an adhoc build, and for some reasons ads can't show in the adhoc build? (e.g. needs to be published in apple store for ads to work)

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    Im still in the waiting game with Apple for approval but I have installed my app on my iPhone via adhoc following the instructions and it seems to be working fine. I have enabled 3 ads (iAds, AdMob and Adsense), They are showing as they should inside the app though, I can't seem to see any adsense ads as of yet. I'm still figuring out if I need to create a new ad specifically for mobile devices in my Adsense account.


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      has anyone of you been able to get adwhirl to work?


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        yes i have several apps in the app store with adwhirl ads now when using adhoc version on your phone while wait for apple approval google ads should work but iAds dont you should still get a iAd test advertisement but not actual live ads until its approved and in the app store...
        DM Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)
        CN Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)
        TheFaFClan Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)
        Audi Spirit Mobile Lite (iTunes)(Android)(Blackberry)


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          I am not seeing any ads at all, nor in the iPhone, nor in the Android version: there is not even the "placeholder" for them, the app is completely ad-free

          I triple checked I put the correct adwhirl ad codes on the builder, I checked the Adsense and iAd settings on the adwhirl account

          everything looks right, I just have no ads in the app


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            terrible problem. i'm also having the issue with some ads

            what i find mind-boggling is why it is so hard to show an ad in an app. here would be one way in theory it could be easier.

            1) API to embed a browser frame in an app
            2) embed a browser frame in the app, with javascript in it to show the ad
            3) it works

            it seems like the easiest things ever are so hard sometimes


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