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Turn off email confirmation for mobile only?

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  • Turn off email confirmation for mobile only?

    The good news is once I fixed a registration bug, I am getting a large number of new users from my mobile apps.

    The bad news is that it seems almost none of them are going through email confirmation. Either that means the register and then decide they don't like the app/forum, or that email confirmation for mobile users is too cumbersome.

    Any way to turn off registration for mobile users? I am not that worried about a spambot downloading my app and putting up bogus accounts, though I guess that is technically possible.

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    I have the same issue


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      Sorry, there is no function to do this. This requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking for help with this over at
      Vote for:

      - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
      *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
      - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
      - "Quick Route" Interface...


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        I don't mean this rude, but aren't you a software company? Isn't modifying code your raison d'etat?

        Anyway, I put this into the JIRA

        Right now the mobile app is very unfriendly towards people who aren't already already forum members.

        Imagine what users are going through.
        1. They find an app in the app store, and download it. It immediately asks them to log in or create an account before they can do anything (though hidden underneath the virtual keyboard is a way to get into the app without registering, but no one is going to see that). Why would any sane user give up their email, name and birthday to some app that they don't even know what it does yet? People read the news, and understand that they shouldn't just give out personal data
        2. Ok, finally they get registered. They then are told they can't do anything until they get email confirmation. Maybe they can get to the email account the registered with on their phone, maybe they can't.
        3. Finally, after all this effort, they get into the app. Probably what they are getting on the home page is not particularly valuable to them since there is currently no way to impact what a mobile user will see on their homepage (i.e. in my case, I would prefer they see CMS articles or blogs, since those will probably draw a user in better than forum postings without any context.

        Can you honestly tell me you would go through all of this trouble to use this app when there are probably 100 more just like it? For me, I am seeing hundreds of downloads, and hundreds of uninstalls.

        We NEED more control over the mobile environment. Period.

        I am not a hater, and I like vBulletin a lot, but giving the answer that the bare minimum tweaks to make the app usable are not your responsibility is not acceptable.

        Even if someone over at wanted to build a mod, have you guys released any documentation as to how the mobile app interfaces with the site? Without technical detail, it would be impossible to do what you are suggesting.
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          If you want this functionality then you need to suggest it as an improvement request in JIRA.

          As it stands, the option does not exist, so it you want it now, you will have to modify the code yourself. Trevors reply is correct.
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            Thank you for the reply. As stated in my post, I did put a request into the JIRA.


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