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Dissapointed is rather an understatement

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  • Dissapointed is rather an understatement

    I hope to god Internet Brands have not repeated their vB4 mistake and released another unfinished product...

    From where I am sitting it seems bbcode and blogs (more to follow on further testing) do not function (I read somewhere polls dont work but have not tested this yet).

    I am using vB 3.8.1 and no blogs will show at all, I've tried and retried and all I get is an unexpected server response.

    With regards to bbcode - If I am right it would seem that any posts marked up with heavy bbcode are unbearable to read on the apps. 98% of my forum users are female and like to pretty up their posts with coloring and other bbcode formatting - I simply cant use the mobile apps like this and I cant expect to release them until this is addressed. I am very annoyed at you guys!

    I have spent money on developer licenses and the mobile suite itself of course and the apps wont even show posts in a bearable way. You can be forgiven for not supporting custom bbcodes in the apps but to not support native bbcode is nothing short of disgusting.

    These apps have supposed to have been put through a beta and a QA process.

    At this precise moment in time I feel ripped off and hoodwinked by IB (for the second time) and will have to go back on promises I have made to my community.

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    Please create tickets for the issues. Additionally, the functionality of the app is/was in no way secret. vBulletin (and other) applications were and are available FREE for you to try before you buy, including a forum to "test things out". From me personally, I don't speak for the entire team, I feel sorry you feel like we are maliciously set out to hurt you - that is by no means the case - but at the same time we do showcase the exact product that you are buying before you decide to spend money on it. With that said, we want to help you with your issues.
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      Thanks for your reply and I've had chance to calm down a little since. I realise you are not maliciously out to upset people but perhaps you can share my and others source of frustration here. I think bbcode is a very very used feature on every forum and it should be supported (or at least filtered by the API calls) - I was ultra surprised the apps made it this far through QA and beta testing without someone realising it is actually not just an issue, but a showstopper (for me at least and Im sure others).

      I did actually test the app but the test is rather flawed given it was connecting to a vB4 forum and not 3.8.1 as in my case. The bbcode issue was not apparent in the test immediately since the users on are (generally) not massive on post formatting unlike my own forum's users.

      I will submit a ticket but I would hope one already exists... off to check.


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        Unexpected Server Response suggests that an error is occuring. Do you get that on anything other than the blogs (I wanted to try and re-create it, but I dont have vb3 blogs installed anywhere).
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          So far, it is only on blogs. The main page shows fine but clicking any blog at all beyond that gives the error.

          The native [font] tags are the main bbcode I have issues with. I assume the API is doing the filtering.... would anyone know which file handles the bbcode filtering?

          edit: found it in functions_api.php but cant get my head around the required code changes as its all regex
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            Its not the best answer to your frustration, but if you get to a post that just seems unbearable to read, you can click on the post and it will open itself in a new view, with just that single post, and the bbcode renders just fine. Why it does it there and not in the thread view is beyond me, but...


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              Hmmmm, I assume the thread view is calling the function to strip the bbcode.... any regexp experts know how to tweak the expression to also catch bbcode font tags?


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                Sorry, regex just makes my head explode ....
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                  Originally posted by Paul M View Post
                  Sorry, regex just makes my head explode ....
                  I think most people would agree, even some hardcore coders


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                    Is there a thread for suggestions/improvements? And are there plans to do so with this product?

                    I'd definitely like to use the app in landscape mode...typing otherwise on my iPhone is a pain in the rear. The BBCode is definitely an issue...and I'd like to be able to view my VaultWiki content as well. Tapatalk handles this fine and is not I would assume this shouldn't be that big of an issue.

                    As long as further development is ongoing, I'm ok with the growing pains. But if this is considered a finished product, I'll be quite disappointment.


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                      Originally posted by mavherzog View Post
                      Is there a thread for suggestions/improvements? And are there plans to do so with this product?
                      Jira is the place to put any suggestions or bugs.

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