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  • Kaitou Ace
    New Member
    • Jul 2001
    • 14

    Mobile Suite Problems

    I am running the Android app, on my vb 4.1.3 forum @

    My current list of issues:

    The app does not let me log in under any account. The return message is always either "Unexpected server response" in which case I can post as if I am logged in, or it times out.

    A large amount of threads cause the same unexpected response error when I attempt to load them.

    I can only view the thumbnails of attachments, and since bbcode doesn't work, neither do inline attachments.

    Bbcode and polls don't work, but I gather thats just not important.

    Posting via the mobile app ignores my signature default and doesn't include it.

    Customization-wise, changing the grey-white gradient behind all the lists and the voice bubble image used for post count would be great. Especially as that image has a cropped shadow on the right and bottom sides.

    General usability-wise, it's rather counter-intuitive to only show the thread starter instead of the last poster.

    I can't submit the app to the android market as-is currently. At least the server errors have to be corrected somehow.
  • Fabian Schonholz
    Former Vice President of Technology
    • Apr 2010
    • 231

    Try this:


    • Kaitou Ace
      New Member
      • Jul 2001
      • 14

      Thanks! I already figured at least part of it out, and had a different way of detecting the API, but this method is better and I'll adjust my product tweaks to use it.

      The rest of the issues still stand however,

      • No polls
      • No BBCode
      • Can only see thumbnails of inline attachments
      • Can't customize the white gradient background in forum/thread/post views
      • No way to see when a forum has had new posts from the forum listing
      • No way to see who posted last in a thread or when it happened
      • Signature doesn't get attached to posts made via the app.

      And a strange one:

      The new post text box, at least on my phone [Epic 4G] had an issue, where the auto-correct settings don't work in it. Normally when typing on the phone it knows to start each sentence with a capital letter, auto-caps "i" and auto corrects a bunch of common typos. That doesn't happen when posting on the forum. Is that something that can be changed?


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