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Threads mixed up after merger of 2 VB forums

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  • Threads mixed up after merger of 2 VB forums

    I merged two VB 4.1.12 forums today using Impex.

    When done I can see that the threads and posts and members all are contained in the newly merged forum, but the threads and posts are mixed up. I've found instances of a thread on Forum B that contained 3 posts showing up at the end of a totally different thread on Forum A. All three posts are there and the Thread title from forum b is showing on the 3 imported posts.

    I purchased both of these forums, and I know that Forum A had been Impexed once before from PHPBB to VB some time ago. So, I removed the import ID and cleaned everything on Forum A before the import. But I don't know the story on Forum B. I'd doubt it though.

    This mixing of posts and forums is not a one time occurrance. I'm finding lot of evidence of a post from Forum B showing up in a completely different thread on Forum A after the merger.

    I checked and all posts and all threads and all members merged -- just not correctly.

    One thing I might have down wrong. I checked "yes" on making users with the same email address to be merged.

    PS. I tested the merger twice without this issue on a DEV server first. And, I backed up the Forum A database so that I can reset everything and try again. No worries.

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    How did you merge the two forums? Did you install a fresh vBulletin and then used impex on both forums? Or did you take one of the forums and then only imported from the 2nd one?
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      I installed impex on forum A and imported forum B into forum A.

      Is that not how to do this?

      I did two test runs on a DEV server, but I'm ashamed to say, I checked the post totals and member names to insure that they were merged properly, but I never looked at it down at the post and thread level. So, I don't know if the test run yielded the same result or not. And, I deleted the last test run so I cant go back and check.

      Yesterday, I did it on the production site, and thought all was fine. Members from forum B were now showing on Forum A. And their post counts were correct. It was only at the last second before opening up the newly merged Forum A that I noticed that the posts existed, but in the wrong threads. I found some threads from Forum B inside existing threads on Forum A and I found single post threads from Forum B in single post threads on Forum A but with a completely different title.

      I was hoping to hear from folks here, before I attempt this again.


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