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Impex Not Working On First Stage

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  • Impex Not Working On First Stage

    I joined vbulletin today and so far had a few problems most of them have been corrected but this one has wasted me hours and hours sitting here trying different various ways but still no luck.

    The problem is, i click on import and i get the section were it asks were i am importing from ect and then when i click the next button i get this...

    ImpEx Database error

    mysql error: Link-ID == false, connect failed

    mysql error:

    Date: Friday 04th 2013f January 2013 07:32:30 PM
    Database: wirralta_web4-wtforum
    MySQL error:
    I have also changed the $impexconfig['sourceexists'] = true; to false and that gets me a little further but then asks me to change it to true again and then once i do i am back at square one. Its so annoys because i wanted my site back on tonight but over 6 hours later im still here

    I really hope someone can help.

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    Your database information is not correct. Are both database on the same server?


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      Thank you for your reply.
      Yes they are both on the same server and i have changed the passwords again and again to the username to make sure the details are correct and they are, i am not fibbing here but i have spent hours trying different combinations. I just cannot put my finger on what is wrong.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Can i just check...
      Does my info go were i have typed "HERE" (see below)

      $impexconfig['target']['server'] = 'localhost';
      $impexconfig['target']['user'] = 'HERE';
      $impexconfig['target']['password'] = 'HERE';
      $impexconfig['target']['database'] = 'HERE';
      $impexconfig['target']['tableprefix'] = 'HERE';

      - - - Updated - - -

      Going to delete everything and try again because there is something not right here, just had someone else look at it and it was the same for them too.

      - - - Updated - - -

      No still got the same problems

      - - - Updated - - -

      OMG no help in all the time i have been waiting and no help from your staff either on the forum.
      It seems this is a problem you cannot sort out and at this moment in time after just joining you i am not satisafied AT ALL. I have paid good money for this software and every single person is blanking me.


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        Please remember forum support is not instant....someone will always get to you as soon as they can.

        The connect failed error is because the database credentials are not correct. That's the cause of that error.

        There isn't a great deal we can do on that since we don't know what your credentials are supposed to be. You may need to verify with your host what the correct credentials are.

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