Why does ImpEx hate me? I seem to have problems every single time.

I'm trying to import phpbb3 to vB3.8.3 (I know, should be 3.8.7 but installed 3.8.3 by mistake - will upgrade later).

I've installed ImpEx, checked all the files are present and correct, and reuploaded it too. ImpEx config is set and renamed as normal.

ACP > Import > Import = Internal Server Error 500

Reuploaded ImpEx again

Still internal server error

Any suggestions? Chmod looks fine and everything that should be there is there.

- - - Updated - - -

Sorted - my server didn't like the 664 on impex/index.php or the 775 on the impex directory. Got past that then had a db error which was easily resolved by a quick file edit to impex/index.php to remove a type=MyISAM from a query. Had a few issues with headers already sent due to blank lines at the end of files, but also resolved. Importing away quite happily now.