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help with custom IMPEX phpbb3 to VBulletin 4

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  • help with custom IMPEX phpbb3 to VBulletin 4

    After finding out how outdated the IMPEX import system is I've been feeling defeated and llike a sucker for buying the most expensive VB package.
    Beating myself up is getting me nowhere. I have to get this thing working. I need to figure out how this IMPEX system works. if someone could please help I would be beyond grateful.

    My "phpbb_users" table has a field called "backgrounds" It contains values like ""

    It seems this would be a perfect fit for importing into VB "page_background_image" field of the "customprofile" table

    Goal Import: phpbb_users/backgrounds --> customprofile/page_background_image

    Can someone tell me what edits to make to IMPEX in order to import these values? Obviously customprofile "userid" (VB) would need to match phpbb_users "user_id" as well.

    I know there are likely few knowledgeable enough to actually answer this but if you are someone who can tackle please take a moment to contribute this information.
    It will kick open for me a lot of new doors. Which of course I will contribute back to the community. Many of us are frustrated and this information will help so much!
    Thank you in advance!!!

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    You're going to be better off over at since you want to modify impex to import custom data. You should note that the vBulletin userid wont match the phpbb userid unless you've never deleted a user before, and even then everything is likely to be 1 userid off since you had to create an administrator for vBulletin,.


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      OK, I posted over there as well.
      Thank you for that correction. It would need to match "importuserid" but would have to fill in the correct userid

      something like this if I had to write code out in english

      if backgrounds then
      userid ( in vb customprofile table) = userid (in vb user table) where user_id (in phpbb_users table) = importuserid(in vb user table)
      page_background_image = backgrounds

      Thank you for the reply.


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