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Post SMF Import - Resetting Passwords

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  • borbole
    The best way would be to send them a mass email informing them about the switch and password reset. You can also put up a notice and start a new thread as well in your forum.

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  • MrFurious
    started a topic Post SMF Import - Resetting Passwords

    Post SMF Import - Resetting Passwords

    Quick question in regard to importing my SMF 1.x database to vB. Since user passwords aren't imported and will need to be reset, how is this communicated to all the users? Is there a function to send out an email notification to all registered users with a link to reset their password, or is it just a matter of their having to visit the site and go through the lost/reset password procedure by entering their email and waiting for the system to send them a link?

    I will be making the conversion to vB this coming week and would like to give my users a heads-up on what they'll need to do once the change-over is completed.

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