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ImpEx: SMF 2.X -> vB 4.1.20 & Attachments

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  • ImpEx: SMF 2.X -> vB 4.1.20 & Attachments


    Working on importing attachments from my SMF 2.X forum to vBulletin. Everything has been smooth up to this point. The first five attachments go through fine, then IE hangs for a moment, and a MySQL database error occurs. I would paste it, but it takes about 15 minutes for IE to unfreeze, then in the MySQL error window within ImpEx is a basic error message from ImpEx, with the text output of *every* file in the attachments folder. As you can imagine, even just trying to select *some* of this text causes IE to freeze indefinately, so I am not able to provide any technical information regarding this error (unless ImpEx has an error log output somewhere?). The first line of that ImpEx error that I can see does have the word "Adobe: in it, so I suspect it is failing on an Adobe attachment and creating a spiral effect from there.

    Here are my server specs:

    PHP 5.3.10 (cli)
    Apache 2.2.X
    MySQL 5.5.14
    vBulletin 4.1.20
    SMF 2.0.2

    I checked the smf_attachments table, the row just after the last successfull attachment import has no special charecters that could cause this issue. I also checked all files in the attachments directory, and did not find any with any special charectors that could cause this either either.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    The PDF file in question, within the SMF row, had no hash value like the others, I copied the hash value from the next PDF attachment entry and pasted it to the missing one just to fille the void, and ImpEx movedo n, but only by two files. Same issue now. I suspect this problem is coming about due to some attachments having a null entry in the has vlue field of the row.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I used the following SQL command if it helps anyone to input a faux hash value in the empty file_hash fields:
    UPDATE smf_attachments SET file_hash = '291fedcd5c1c94b4626bb0fc4f1f41d1d0af38dc' WHERE file_hash = ''

    While this moved the process along from 7 attachments to 400 attachments, my ImpEx still failed. I will research a bit more and post back, but support from a vBulletin rep on this matter would be appreciated
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    Those are the attachments within the SMF forum we want to migrate away from


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