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Discus to VB4 User join date and messages not importing

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  • Discus to VB4 User join date and messages not importing


    Importing from Discus 4.10.1 Professional -> vBulletin 4.1.10 using Impex: DiscusWare 4.x Pro tab file data.

    In our board we have Auto-archiving set up so many Subtopics are in this form:

    Main Topic 1
    Main Topic 3
    --Subtopic 1
    ---Archived Messages Jan-Mar
    -----Message 1
    -----Message 2
    -----Message 3
    ---Archived Messaged Apr-Jun
    -----Message 4
    -----Message 5
    -----Message 6
    ---Archived Messaged Jul-Sep
    -----Message 7
    -----Message 8
    -----Message 9
    ----Message 10
    ----Message 11
    ----Message 12
    --Subtopic 2
    Maintopic 3

    Where messages 10-12 are the most recent messages as yet unarchived by date.

    When I do the import into vBulletin "Subtopic 1" with the three archived messages subtopics are all transferred OK with all their messages but for some reason the unarchived messages (i.e. 10-12) are not imported at all. They are in the export from discus but don't make it into the VB database.

    Has anyone else come across this issue?

    One workaround was to move those messages into the most recent archive folder but while that is fine for a one-off it isn't practical with thousands of pages.


    The other issue is that imported users have their join date set to 1970. Oddly, the date on posts is fine.

    Any help with either issue would be appreciated.

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    One question, did you update the counters?


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      Yes, the counters were updated. Post counts were OK but dates wrong... in fact checking the database I see this field is actually empty so Impex is not parsing the date fields correctly for users but it is for posts.

      in impex the parser seems to user: 'joindate' => substr($details[6],2),

      in users.txt the fields are:

      usernameassword:[email protected]isplay Name:1::1135777931:0:0:/usergroup/
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        I don't think joindate is valid for CSV.


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          The date issue isn't a big deal it can be fixed with a simple SQL update, but I wonder has anyone ever cracked this issue of messages not being imported if they come in subtopics containing Archives?


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            I'm not sure what a subtopic archive is at all, is that listed in impex's systems doc that it will import that data?


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              Well, Discus is listed in the systems doc and Archived threads are a feature of Discus. But it isn't the archived messages that are the problem but the ones that are *not* archived. Basically a subset of old messages are put in a 'Archive' subtopic when a threashold of number of messages is reached as in my example above. So if you have 35 messages in a thread 30 messages would be put in the subtopic "Archived Messages 1-30" and the remaining 5 most recent messages would be left where thay are for the discussion to continue... it is these five messages that for some reason are not being transferred even though the topic and archived messages all are.


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                it is possible our discuss importer is not as up to date as it could be.


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